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One of the largest transit agencies in the United States


Basic Functions

Performs routine and preventive maintenance of track structures, fences, yards and roadways. Maintains track standards in accordance with track specifications.
1. Performs a variety of tasks involving dexterous use of hands and tools. These tasks include, but are not limited to: replacing rail fasteners, clips, rail joint bolts, track switch components, anchors and other parts and/or materials needed in track maintenance.
2. Performs routine and preventive maintenance on mainline and yard tracks by replacement and/or installation of major track parts and materials such as track ballast, concrete ties, running rail, wooden crossties, rail fasteners, cover boards and other parts or materials needed in maintenance.
3. Maintains the Authority’s wayside by repairing or replacing of wayside fences, and maintaining the wayside vegetation.
4. Operates heavy equipment such as speedwing/ballast regulator, tampers, dump trucks, rail carrier, 15 ton crane, loader basket, overhead (10 ton) crane and other equipment as assigned.
5. Uses a variety of tools commonly associated with track & structures maintenance work such as rulers, power auger, axes, portable power tools, grinders, drills, chisels, chain saws, hammers, wrenches, gages, pliers, tongs, cutters, levels, rail transposes, or other tools as assigned.
6. Follows instructions and safely performs work designated by work order. Provides accurate feedback information by entering work orders information that will aid in failure and reliability analysis.
7. Logs accurate labor time to work order. Informs Foreman and Planner of any discrepancies or adjustments needed to the work order.
8. Performs other duties as assigned.



Special Requirements

Must possess or be able to obtain a valid Georgia Commercial Driver’s License and must be able to pass MARTA’s Level #4 Wayside Access Certification within 90 days of obtaining the position. Subject to calls outside regular working hours for emergency situations.
Note: MARTA is a Drug Free Workplace. Participation in MARTA’s Drug & Alcohol Program is a condition of employment. Failure to adhere to MARTA’s Drug & Alcohol Program will result in termination. Every MARTA employee is responsible for reading and observing the requirements of the Drug & Alcohol policy. This position has been identified as SAFETY SENSITIVE.


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