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One of the largest transit agencies in the United States

Basic Functions

Performs the daily non-mechanical maintenance inspection, general cleaning, and refueling of the Authority’s bus fleet. Extensive driving of MARTA buses is required in the performance of daily duties.
Must be able to drive all makes and models of buses in the Authority’s fleet in order to move vehicles from point to point in the performance of the following duties:
1. Picks up vehicle from designated parking area; drives vehicle to fuel island.
2. Checks all fluid levels (oil, water, transmission) and fills to designated levels; refuels to capacity; records fluid usage.
3. Cyclone cleans and air sweeps vehicle interior.
4. Checks vehicle for broken mirrors or window glass, windshield wiper condition and operation, exterior and interior lights operation, and tire condition; notes defects on vehicle card.
5. Drives vehicle through bus wash and onto designated parking area.
6. Steam cleans or pressure washes engines as required.
7. Makes non-mechanical road calls to any location within the MARTA service area to replace defective vehicles.
8. Performs other duties of a similar nature as required.

Special Requirements

Must have a current, valid State of Georgia issued CDL license [Class A or B with a Passenger (“P”) endorsement or current, valid State of Georgia issued Commercial Driver Learner’s (CDL) Permit (Class A or B with a passing “P” endorsement score) is required.  Individuals hired with a valid State of Georgia issued Commercial Driver Learner’s Permit must obtain a valid State of Georgia issued Commercial Driver’s License (Class A or B) with a Passenger endorsement within three (3) weeks of their date of hire/transfer into this position.  A minimum of two years driving experience.  A maximum of one (1) moving violation, with a maximum of three (3) points on Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) within a 24-month period.  No DUI violations allowed.

Note: MARTA is a Drug Free Workplace. Participation in MARTA’s Drug & Alcohol Program is a condition of employment. Failure to adhere to MARTA’s Drug & Alcohol Program will result in termination. Every MARTA employee is responsible for reading and observing the requirements of the Drug & Alcohol policy. This position has been identified as SAFETY SENSITIVE.

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