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Responsible for maintaining, monitoring and tracking technology expenditures and service contracts throughout the Authority. Works in closely collaboration with leadership team to establish and forecast the annual operating and capital budgets for the Department of Technology.  Evaluates and ensures that budget expenses and contract invoices are properly maintained and reconciled.  Performs full lifecycle procurement for all technology related purchases, agreements and contract procurements. Reviews contract invoices and identifies and resolves disparities.  Ensures that procurement activities are cost effective and completed in adherence with applicable policy guidelines. Coordinates Request for Proposals (RFP) and Request for Information (RFI) efforts needed to develop and execute contracts.  Prepares and provides weekly status reports, updates, and dashboards of budget forecasts (actuals and accruals) and procurement activities including product/contract renewals and service end dates. Monitors contract expiration dates and drawdowns to ensure that appropriate level of funds is available for the active term of the contract agreement. Serves as a liaison between technology and vendors and resolves basic supplier disputes.  Performs industry competitive analysis and evaluates supplier base for cost saving strategies and opportunities.  Identifies and engages services of new suppliers in support to IT requirements.  Prepares Technology Board items for review and approval. May participate in the development, implementation and maintenance of IT cost strategies and plans.


1. Maintains, monitors and tracks technology expenditures and service contracts throughout the Authority.  Assists leadership team with preparing the annual operating and capital budgets for the Department of Technology.

2. Analyzes financial data and reconciles expenditures (planned vs. actual). Reviews, monitors and prepares status reports of technology procurement activities, contract issues, IT contract drawdowns, PMO capital program, and operational budget expenditures using Excel and dashboards, etc.  Ensures that available funds are available to support contract agreements.

3.  Prepares business requirements and procurement actions (including but not limited to:  Statement of Work (SOW), Request for Quotes (RFQ), Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP)) needed to develop and finalize contracts for hardware, software, and IT professional services.

4.  Maintains contracts, purchase orders, invoices, Statement of Work and IT procurement requests.

5.  Provides timely status reports to Technology management and authorized requesters of IT procurements.

6.  Assist with documenting and establishing reporting mechanisms necessary to measure cost value and performance of IT procurement activities and ensure that business goals are achieved.

7.  Participates and/or completes required training needed to support project roles.

8.  Performs other related duties as assigned.





Special Requirements

MARTA is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, status as a veteran, and basis of disability or any other federal, state or local protected class.

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