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The Virtual Customer Service Representative position is responsible for monitoring and responding timely and accurately to customer comments about MARTA on social media sites. Improves communications with customers, partners and stakeholders by understanding the concerns raised, proactively and deliberately seeking information from Bus, Rail, Planning and relevant departments to respond succinctly to service-related inquiries. Develops and maintains social metrics and analyzes social media activities such as reach-factor of post and user level influence and trends. Collaborates with Marketing, External Affairs and other departments to create social media content to enhance the MARTA brand and improve the communication with current and new riders. Develops and maintains internal relationships with key personnel Authority-wide to stay informed on critical matters for sharing with the public. Documents customer comments into the Customer Relationship Management tracking system (H.E.A.T) for tracking and trending. This position will engage freely with customers within brand guidelines and established protocols and continually evaluate current practices to recommend strategies to improve our communications.



1. Manages MARTA’s social media presence all social media platforms.

2. Monitors posts on social media channels, determines the customer impact, offers support, identifies root causes and ensures resolution and responses are timely and accurate to the customer.

3. Collaborates with Marketing, External Affairs, Planning and various departments to develop and promote projects and initiatives on social media platforms.

4. Develops and maintains relationships with key individuals Authority-wide to be able to respond appropriately and to stay informed on all established and developing programs that can be shared with our constituents.

5. Assists with outreach efforts to respond to social media comments regarding major emergencies, crisis situations, service disruptions and negative news communication.

6. Builds community support and advocacy by social media dialogue and messaging.

7. Generates C-Team level reports about frequent customer concerns, trends, volumes, response times, etc.

8. Recommends strategies to improve MARTA’s social media reach.

9. Builds engagement with social media influencers to improve the customer experience.

10. Represents MARTA in social media communication to promote a positive company image within these platforms.

10. Undertake other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Special Requirements

At least 2 years of experience in extensive social media related tasks along with advanced customer skills is required. Demonstrated ability to create social/media content for promoting positive social media exposure is required. Ability to pro-actively engage with the social media community. Strong writing and verbal communication, understanding of graphic design communication and the ability to generate positive impressions is needed. Ability to comprehend transit-related concerns and to create accurate and timely responses. Ability to multi-task and prioritize multiple competing tasks. Ability to work flexible hours, including additional hours, weekend and holidays. Ability to generate

reports on trends, usage and various social media statistics.

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