ATLANTA, Ga., September 7, 2021 — OUT Georgia Business Alliance is actively recruiting qualified and diverse applicants for the nonprofit organization’s Board of Directors ahead of its 2022 elections, with a focus on enhancing expertise, minority, statewide, and LGBTQ+ representation.

Application Deadline Extended through October 21

“What an exciting time of the year to look into our amazing OUT Georgia Membership for the future leaders of our ever-evolving chamber,” said David Gacsko, Vice President of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Nomination Committee. “I’m thrilled to welcome new trusted partners to the Board who will continue to shape, guide, and most importantly represent the diversity of our growing LGBTQ+ and allied business community across the state.”

Board of Directors Candidate Timeline

  • 2022 Board Member candidates submit applications by Thursday, October 21 at 6pm;
  • Nomination Committee identifies “shortlist” of candidates, who will be required to complete Conflict of Interest questionnaire and undergo a public records background check;  
  • Provided there are no concerns, Nomination Committee will conduct in-person or remote interviews with “shortlist” of Board candidates by November 11;
  • Nomination Committee presents final slate of new Directors for full Board consideration at November 11 Board meeting; and
  • Board votes on and elects new Directors at its November 11 Board meeting to serve a two-year term, beginning at the January 2022 Board meeting.

OUT Georgia’s Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee will guide the candidate vetting process and includes representatives from OUT Georgia’s Board of Directors, Membership, and Ambassador program.

  • Michael D Daniels-James, President
  • David J Gacsko, Vice President
  • Petrina Bloodworth, Immediate Past President
  • Hillary Thomas, Community Relations Board Chair
  • Mike Vescio, Tourism Board Chair
  • Dedrick Tillerson, Member
  • Katie Leikam, Ambassador

About OUT Georgia Business Alliance

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OUT Georgia Business Alliance proudly serves as Georgia’s only LGBTQ+ and Allied Chamber of Commerce.

Since 1994, OUT Georgia Business Alliance (formerly the Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce) has served the LGBTQ+ and Allied business community by advocating for the most inclusive and equitable business environment; providing support and resources to fuel economic growth; and driving meaningful community connections and impact across the State of Georgia.

OUT Georgia Business Alliance is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., and is a proud affiliate of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce. For more information, contact us at or