Discover Charis Books and 33 Lesbian-Owned Georgia Businesses

In recognition of Lesbian Visibility Day 2024, OUT Georgia Business Alliance is joined by the City of Atlanta and Mayor’s Division of LGBTQ Affairs to spotlight Charis Books & More and 33 Lesbian-owned Georgia businesses that embody leadership, visibility, and excellence.

International Lesbian Visibility Day. OUT Georgia Business Alliance and City of Atlanta spotlight Lesbian-owned Georgia Businesses

These businesses are more than just economic entities; they are the lifeblood of their communities and powerhouses of innovation and resilience. They showcase the diverse capabilities of queer women in business, leading sectors ranging from tech to the culinary arts with prowess and passion.

April 26 is Lesbian Visibility Day, which is held during Lesbian Visibility Week (LVW), a week-long international campaign to celebrate lesbians and show solidarity with all LGBTQIA+ women and non-binary people in our community.

OUT Georgia Proud during Lesbian Visibility Week.

History of Lesbian Leadership

In the vibrant tapestry of Georgia and Atlanta's history, a group of trailblazing lesbians has carved indelible marks through sheer tenacity and visionary leadership, fundamentally reshaping their communities. 

  • Cathy Woolard, Atlanta's first openly gay city council member and a relentless advocate for transportation and equality, initiated the city's first domestic partner registry.
  • Simone Bell, breaking boundaries as the first African American lesbian in the Georgia State Assembly, championed LGBTQ rights and health issues, tirelessly working to bridge the divide between marginalized communities and policymakers.
  • Pat Hussain, co-founder of Southerners On New Ground (SONG), mobilized queer activists to weave a fabric of justice and equality deep into the South’s soul, steering impactful campaigns that tackled everything from racial discrimination to LGBTQ visibility.
  • Mary Ann Adams, instrumental in establishing The Health Initiative and ZAMI NOBLA, nurtured spaces where LGBTQ health and dignity are prioritized, empowering women and elders within the community through advocacy and direct support.
  • Atlanta Lesbian/Feminist Alliance (ALFA) was founded in 1972 to increase lesbian visibility and solidarity, providing a means for women to exist outside of society’s sexist institutions. ALFA played a critical role in creating spaces where lesbians could openly gather, discuss, and advocate for their rights, marking a significant development in the fight for LGBTQ visibility and rights.
  • Fourth Tuesday: In the 1980s, when out lesbians rarely gathered together in social settings, meeting on the “fourth Tuesday” was a code for a place to come and socialize in a safe environment with other out lesbians. This tradition laid the groundwork for the lesbian networking organization Fourth Tuesday, which went on to create the Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Business Expo in 1988, launch the Atlanta Executive Network (now MAAP) in 1992, and establish the Greater Atlanta Business Coalition (now OUT Georgia) in 1994. 

Top 5 Reasons to Support Lesbian-Owned Georgia Businesses

Supporting lesbian-led initiatives and businesses is an investment in unparalleled resilience and innovation. It propels communities forward, ensuring that the lessons of the past and the victories hard won are the foundations for a more inclusive, equitable future. Here are five reasons why you should be intentional about supporting Lesbian-owned businesses: 

  1. Enhance Economic Impact: Women-owned businesses contribute nearly $3 trillion to the U.S. economy, yet lesbian-owned businesses face additional challenges due to gender and sexual orientation biases. Supporting these businesses not only combats inequality but also bolsters the overall economic health of our communities.
  2. Promote Workplace Equality: Lesbian-owned businesses are leaders in creating inclusive work environments. A recent survey found that LGBTQ-owned companies are twice as likely to have diversity and inclusion policies in place compared to their non-LGBTQ counterparts. Supporting these businesses helps set a standard for workplace equality across all industries.
  3. Drive Innovation and Diversity: Diversity fosters innovation. According to a BCG study, companies with diverse management teams have 19% higher revenues due to innovation. By supporting lesbian-owned businesses, you contribute to a more diverse and innovative marketplace.
  4. Empower Role Models and Visibility: Despite making up a significant portion of the LGBTQ community, only about 22% of LGBTQ entrepreneurs are women. Supporting lesbian-owned businesses enhances their visibility and empowers them to serve as role models, inspiring the next generation of LGBTQ leaders.
  5. Support Community and Economic Resilience: Lesbian-owned businesses often reinvest in their local and LGBTQ communities more than their non-LGBTQ counterparts. By supporting these businesses, you are not just buying a product or service; you are investing in the resilience and growth of the entire community.

You'll Love Charis Books and these 33 Lesbian-Owned Georgia Businesses

From the oldest and largest feminist bookstore in the nation, to innovative startups and beloved local favorites, these lesbian-founded and lesbian-owned businesses are changing how Atlanta and Georgia see queer women who connect generations, inspire community action, and lead with purpose. 

OUT Georgia Business Alliance spotlights Lesbian-owned Georgia Businesses during Lesbian Visibility Week

Charis Books & More

Retail Bookstore / Nonprofit

Charis Books and More, founded in 1974, holds the distinction of being the South's oldest independent feminist bookstore. This iconic establishment in Atlanta was born from the vision of Linda Bryant and a group of like-minded women who sought to create a space that not only sold books but also fostered feminist and LGBTQ+ community development. Over the years, Charis has grown into more than just a bookstore; it has become a cultural hub and a safe gathering space for feminists, lesbians, and the broader LGBTQ+ community.

Located initially in Little Five Points and later moving to Decatur, Charis has been instrumental in promoting social justice through literature, hosting countless readings, book signings, discussions, and workshops that challenge societal norms and encourage activism. Its non-profit arm, Charis Circle, was established to extend this mission further by offering educational and cultural programming that addresses issues such as racial justice, gender identity, and queer activism.

The bookstore’s ability to adapt and evolve over the years, continuously supporting marginalized voices and providing a welcoming environment for critical conversations, has solidified its role as a cornerstone of the Atlanta community and beyond.

3d Psychotherapy, LLC

Health & Wellness | Certified LGBTQ-owned
Discover tailored psychotherapy that empowers high achievers at 3d Psychotherapy, LLC, specializing in mental health within the LGBTQ+ community.

5 Star Office Furniture

Retail | Certified LGBTQ-owned
Elevate your workspace with stylish, ergonomic office solutions from 5 Star Office Furniture, where functionality meets design.

A Queer Understanding Podcast

Media & Technology
Engage with the vibrant voices of the LGBTQ+ community on 'A Queer Understanding Podcast,' where every story matters.

Avere Wealth Management

Financial Services
Secure your financial future with Avere Wealth Management, offering bespoke financial planning and tax strategies for discerning clients.

BG Promotions, Inc.

Business Services | Certified LGBTQ-owned
Amplify your brand with BG Promotions, Inc., where cutting-edge digital marketing strategies create remarkable results.

BrandView Studios

Media & Technology | Certified LGBTQ-owned
Transform your brand's digital narrative with BrandView Studios, pioneering in Web3 marketing and strategic storytelling.

Campagnolo Restaurant & Bar

Food & Beverage
Indulge in authentic Italian cuisine at Campagnolo, where traditional flavors are crafted with a contemporary twist.

CandiNews Children’s Theatre

Event Production
Ignite young imaginations at CandiNews Children's Theatre, fostering creativity through acting and musical theater.

Che'Rene' Macarons

Food & Beverage | Certified LGBTQ-owned
Savor the exquisite taste of Che'Rene' Macarons, where Southern charm meets French elegance in every bite.

Data Works, LLC

Research & Innovation | Certified LGBTQ-owned
Drive change with Data Works, LLC, leveraging data to advocate for equity and inform policy with precision.

Empower Academic Coaching

Transform learning experiences with Empower Academic Coaching, specializing in support for students with unique educational needs.

EUA Brand Co.

Consulting | Certified LGBTQ-owned
Realize your brand's potential with EUA Brand Co., where creative vision and strategic innovation come together.

Finca to Filter

Food & Beverage
Experience coffee with a conscience at Finca to Filter, dedicated to sustainable sourcing and ethical practices.

HFN Streaming

Media & Technology
Enhance your financial literacy with HFN Streaming, where education meets empowerment in a dynamic digital format.


Media & Technology | Certified LGBTQ-owned
Shape the future of your brand with INMO, where innovative media solutions foster meaningful community connections.


Food & Beverage
Dive into the eclectic flavors of JenChan's, a culinary gem in Atlanta serving a fusion of Southern and Asian cuisines.

JK Squared, LLC

Consulting | Certified LGBTQ-owned
Streamline your business processes with JK Squared, LLC, where expert advice leads to sustainable profitability.

KRU Mobile PT

Health & Wellness
Prioritize your health with KRU Mobile PT, offering personalized physical therapy and wellness services right at your doorstep.

My Sister’s Room

Hospitality / Food & Beverage
Experience the heart of Atlanta's lesbian nightlife at My Sister's Room, the city's favorite lesbian bar for community and entertainment.

My Virtual CFO-ATL

Financial Services | Certified LGBTQ-owned
Navigate the complexities of finance with My Virtual CFO-ATL, providing tailored accounting services for diverse business needs.

NCredible Mindz

Technology | Certified LGBTQ-owned
Elevate your IT infrastructure with NCredible Mindz, where top-tier support meets cutting-edge technology solutions.

Pearson Consulting Group

Secure your future with Pearson Consulting Group, delivering tailored insurance solutions that protect and prosper.

Pizazzz Promotions Inc.

Promotional Products | Certified LGBTQ-owned
Bring your promotional ideas to life with Pizazzz Promotions Inc., where creativity meets exceptional service.

Q&A Events

Event Production | Certified LGBTQ-owned
Craft unforgettable events with Q&A Events, where expert planning meets flawless execution.

Root Velocity Partners

Consulting | Certified LGBTQ-owned
Accelerate your business growth with Root Velocity Partners, strategists in digital transformation and cloud solutions.

Seared Pink

Food & Beverage | Certified LGBTQ-owned
Indulge in healthy, flavorful catering from Seared Pink, where nutrition meets culinary delight.

SVTV Network Inc.

Media & Technology | Certified LGBTQ-owned
Discover diverse queer stories with SVTV Network Inc., pioneering in representation and inclusivity in media.

The Money Council ®

Financial Services | Certified LGBTQ-owned
Transform your financial narrative with The Money Council ®, experts in wealth management and legacy building.

Tier4 Group, LLC

Consulting | Certified LGBTQ-owned
Connect with exceptional talent through Tier4 Group, LLC, a leader in recruitment and staffing solutions.


Food & Beverage | Certified LGBTQ-owned
Experience bespoke catering with TIME to DINE, LLC, where each meal is crafted to perfection.

Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours

Food & Beverage
Explore globally-inspired soul food at Twisted Soul, where award-winning dishes tell a story of culinary heritage and innovation.

VAI Consulting and Training, LLC

Ignite transformation with VAI Consulting and Training, LLC, where dynamic keynotes inspire action and change.

Veritas Audit Solutions

Ensure compliance and efficiency with Veritas Audit Solutions, specialists in audit and fraud analysis.

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