ATLANTA, Ga., December 14, 2021 –– OUT Georgia Business Alliance is proud to announce new members and leadership of the nonprofit chamber’s Board of Directors for 2022.

After holding its annual nominations and elections process, OUT Georgia’s Board of Directors voted to add a slate of eight new members, including Maria A Álvarez, Roy Broderick, Jr., Janaya Davis, Matt Keith, Dewayne Queen, Aaron Rice, Stephen Scriber, and Walter D. Scott-Williams

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The Board of Directors also elected its new executive team for 2022, which includes David Gacsko as President, Luis Ruiz as Vice President, and Gabrielle Claiborne as Secretary, with Michael D Daniels-James moving into the Immediate Past President role in January.

“It’s with great pleasure that we welcome our newest board members to the OUT Georgia Business Alliance to advance our chamber’s mission and vision in 2022 and beyond,” said David Gacsko, incoming President of the Board of Directors.

“As we focus on OUT Georgia’s strategic growth and development, these standout individuals and our returning leaders will be vital in shaping the organization’s future and driving value for the vibrant LGBTQ+ and ally business community we have faithfully served since 1994.”

“Thanks to the commitment of our member organizations, partners, volunteers, staff, and board, OUT Georgia has navigated a challenging pandemic, launched new programs and initiatives, and grown our representation of and service to Georgia’s diverse LGBTQ+ community,” said Michael D Daniels-James.

“As I transition to Immediate Past President, I couldn’t be more excited to see David Gacsko leading our organization alongside executive director Chris Lugo into 2022.”

In January, Malik Brown, Hillary Williams Thomas, and Mike Vescio will continue their Board service, while Petrina Bloodworth, Dr. Yolanda R. Brownlee, Glen Paul Freedman, and Matthew Lee will end their terms at the close of 2021 after leading the organization through significant strategic milestones, including the evolution from the Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce to the OUT Georgia Business Alliance.

OUT Georgia’s full Board of Directors will hold its first official meeting of 2022 on Saturday, January 8 at the Georgia International Convention Center, with goals of onboarding its newest members and refining key programs and initiatives for the chamber’s 28th year of service to the community.

Click here to learn more about each member of OUT Georgia’s Board of Directors

About OUT Georgia Business Alliance

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OUT Georgia Business Alliance proudly serves as Georgia’s only LGBTQ+ and Allied Chamber of Commerce.

Since 1994, OUT Georgia Business Alliance (formerly the Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce) has served the LGBTQ+ and Allied business community by advocating for the most inclusive and equitable business environment; providing support and resources to fuel economic growth; and driving meaningful community connections and impact across the State of Georgia.

OUT Georgia Business Alliance is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., and is a proud affiliate of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce. For more information, contact us at or