In observance of Transgender Awareness Week, commencing on November 13th and culminating on Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20th, OUT Georgia Business Alliance continues to stand in solidarity with our transgender and gender expansive community through our work with the TGX360 Initiative year-round. However, this week holds particular significance as we reflect on the lives lost and the challenges faced by our community in the state of Georgia.

In 2023, we mourned the tragic loss of at least four talented and promising trans community members including Koko Da Doll (she/her), Ashley Burton (she/her), Tortuguita (they/them), and Ariel Summers (she/her). Their passing is a stark reminder of the hurdles the transgender community encounters daily and the urgency for collective action to address systemic inequalities.

During this week, let us unite in raising awareness, fostering understanding, and amplifying the voices of our trans community members. It is crucial that we not only remember those we have lost but also work tirelessly to create a future where every trans individual can live vibrantly, safe from violence, and discrimination from equitable wages.

This week we are humbled to uplift the work of member organizations and community leaders:

  • Monday – 11/13, 100 BLACK TRANS MEN founder Dr. Elijah Nicholas (he/him) spoke with the Human Rights Campaign.
  • Wednesday – 11/15, Transformation Journeys WorldWide shared a live conversation between Gabrielle Claiborne (she/her) and Dalia Kinsey (no pronouns) on “How Barriers to Wellness Lead to Violence Against Trans and Gender Expansive People.”
  • Thursday-11/16,
    Someone Cares, Inc presented the 6th National Trans Health Conference at the Courtland Grand Hotel in Atlanta from Thursday, 11/16 through Saturday, 11/18
    Trans Power in Diversity spoke at Interfaith Transgender Day of Remembrance at First Christian Church of Decatur from 6-8pm
  • Friday – 11/17, N.O.M.O. partners with the National Center for Civil and Human Rights for A Benefit for Education from 7-9pm
  • Saturday – 11/18,
    -The International Association for Trans Bodybuilders and Powerlifters (IATBP) holds their annual competition at 2:30 pm at Team Lis Smash and at OutFront Theatre at 7pm
    I Am Human Foundation and Trans Women of Color Healing Project presents the I Was Here Memorial Gala 2023 with a theme of “Transcending Together: A Night of Celebration, Commemoration, Connection and Community Care” at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights from 7-9pm
  • Sunday – 11/19, TGNC TDOR Brunch hosted by SisterLove, Inc., Trans Power in Diversity, and Community Estrella from 11am-2pm with headshots by La CholoTeca
  • Monday – 11/20, Destination Tomorrow holds an expo at Atlanta City Hall from 11am-7pm / UGA Chapel in Athens, GA from 6-8pm with guest speaker, Feroza Syed

OUT Georgia Business Alliance reaffirms its commitment to advocating for inclusivity, equity, and acceptance. We will continue to collaborate with businesses, allies, and organizations to dismantle barriers and create opportunities for all, irrespective of a person’s gender identity/gender expression.

As we honor Transgender Week of Awareness and Transgender Day of Remembrance, let us not only remember the lives lost but also recommit ourselves to building a world where every trans and gender expansive person can thrive, succeed, and live authentically.

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