As the Chattahoochee Valley’s LGBTQ+ and allied communities unite in celebration for Columbus Georgia’s 2022 LGBTQ+ Pride Festival, OUT Georgia Business Alliance recognizes Colgay Pride and the Debra Smith Wellness Center for its outstanding care in bringing visibility to a lineup of inclusive events to be held during the June 4th celebration at 1100 Broadway in Columbus, Ga.

The PRIDE celebration will include a 6 pm drag pre-show featuring performers Madame La’Dom Stjames, Deaven Black Magic, Majestic Phoenix, Omaj Hilton Black, Lakota Sauvage Black, Andrew Dale & EMMA on 1100 Broadway in Uptown Columbus.

Colgay Pride’s mission is toward building a Stronger and United LGBTQ Community in Columbus, Georgia through Fellowship, Advocacy, Fun, Pride, Education, Support & Diversity.

For more details and event highlights leading up to the event, please visit or

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