Are you a transgender or gender non-conforming person? Are you unemployed? Under-employed? Consistently overlooked for jobs or promotions? Struggling with affordable housing near viable job opportunities?

Do you provide services or resources to help the community access jobs or other critical services that lead to economic stability and empowerment?

OUT Georgia Business Alliance, proudly serving as Georgia’s only LGBTQ+ and Allied Chamber of Commerce, is launching an employment initiative and task force led by and for Georgia’s TGNC community.

We believe that you–the leaders in this space and the people directly impacted by these issues–are best suited to shaping the solution that will most positively impact your community.

The Need

According to a 2016 Williams Institute report, 0.75 percent of Georgia’s citizens – approximately 80,520 residents – are transgender or gender nonconforming (TGNC). Of the 614 Georgia citizens who responded to the 2015 US Trans Survey:

  • 11% were unemployed (more than twice the 2015 US unemployment rate of 5%) 
  • 33% of those who held or applied for a job during that year were fired, denied a promotion, or not hired because of their gender identity or expression 
  • 29% of those who had a job in the past year reported other experiences of workplace harassment related specifically to their gender identity or gender expression
  • 30% lived in poverty (more than twice the 2015 US unemployment rate of 12%)

Learn More, Share Your Story, and Get Involved

Lead by Board member Gabrielle Claiborne, OUT Georgia Business Alliance is sharing information, gathering feedback, and asking for interest in this TGNC Employment Initiative for our community of job seekers, employers, community partners, and entrepreneurs.

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Monday, March 30: FB Live Kickoff @ 7pm Eastern
Wednesday, May 6: Town Hall @ The Phillip Rush Center